Risk analysis

Complex risk situation

As different and unique as real properties are, so special and diverse are the associated risks. AVW has many years of experience in assessing and evaluating corporate and real estate risks. We know the complex risk situation in the housing and real estate industry.

Assessment by our experts

Your company’s overall risk analysis will be analyzed and evaluated by our experts, applying their expert knowledge. Because of our industry specialization, in doing so, all liability and insurance-relevant facts are gathered professionally and reliably and are taken into account.


Transparent, personal, and individual

Together with you, we will develop an individual strategy to optimally hedge against existing risks. When developing a tailored insurance concept, we will take into account your individual corporate situation, your risk profile, as well as your personal preferences.

Creating transparency, using the strong position

As insurance broker specializing in the real estate industry, we know the market and ensure transparency and comparability. We have the necessary strong negotiating position will all major insurers, and by generating competition, we always get the best offers on the market.