Claims Management Portal

The most efficient method of claims settlement

Quicker settlement through simplified claims management

AVW offers its clients a claims management portal for the exchange of data and information to ensure efficient, automated, modern and simple claims settlement. The claims portal was developed by AVW together with an IT partner specifically for the needs of the housing and real estate industry, and is constantly optimized based on the changing needs of housing companies.



The portal enables the networking of all actors involved in the claims process, thus allowing not only a faster settlement of claims, but also consistent datasets. Existing craftsmen portals can easily be linked.


Detailed data analysis for management, reporting and controlling

The claims management portal supports you in the analysis of insurance risk and claims settlement. You always have a complete overview.

Extensive statistical tools facilitate controlling and provide detailed evaluations and analyses of the nature and extent of insured losses. Properly used, this is a qualitative management tool and a valuable addition, for instance with respect to the priority of maintenance measures.

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