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AVW Project Insurance

Combined Construction Works and Liability Policy

Where wood is chopped, splinters must fall. And where there is construction, there is the possibility of damage. As a contractor, for what possible damages am I responsible for? What risks should I insure? AVW project insurance is a product combining several lines of insurance for the benefit of all parties involved in the construction project. The insurance cover for the construction works as well as the comprehensive general liability and professional liability of all persons and companies involved is depicted together as part of an insurance contract.


What can you do?

Insuring common insurance risks should be a subject of discussion from the beginning, especially with construction projects in the high millions, in order to be able to reach the common goal of all parties – avoiding unnecessary building delays in the event of damage and to finish the construction project on time.

  • AVW project insurance offers a special coverage concept exclusively for larger construction projects of AVW clients. This includes among others: insurance cover from the beginning of the preparation for construction, including preliminary planning activities to overall completion.
  • All those involved in construction are covered by liability insurance.
  • Unforeseen damages to construction work, building materials and structural components as well as technical equipment will be compensated.
  • Damage to old building stock as well as replacement claims and claims for compensation by neighbouring rights are co-insurable.
  • As construction manager, you generally do not have to take on any personal contribution.

When taking out AVW project insurance, the clarification of who is at fault is no longer a priority, as all those involved in the construction are included in the insurance cover.

Interested? Let us advise you personally! This article only offers extracts from AVW project insurance. Your account manager will be happy to advise and present you with the further advantages of this policy.

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