Claims Consulting

Claims consulting

Analysis of claims data

On the basis of client-specific claims data, we can individually advise our clients and develop client or portfolio-specific prevention options using comprehensive analyses. The first step is the comprehensive analysis of the claims data of our clients. They are continuously screened for "claim clusters" and causes of claims. The results give rise to concrete recommendations for reducing claims expenditures, as well as for the optimization of insurance coverage.

Advice on preventive measures

Our work consists in identifying long-term loss trends of individual portfolios and providing sound suggestions for building and residential complex management. Together with the technical experts of the SCHADENPRÄVENTION.DE initiative, we actively advise our clients on preventive measures in order to reduce claims expenditures and ultimately keep the insurance costs as low as necessary for our clients.

Active support for major claims

We support our clients

Whether storm or fire – especially when it comes to the handling of major claims, real estate industry managers need a strong partner at their side to deal with insurers. In order to optimally support our clients in such exceptional circumstances, we actively participate in the settlement of claims.

From consultation to further expedient steps in the case of damage, harm reduction to on-site presence and assistance vis-à-vis the expert, to assisting in identifying and recording all damage-related and indemnifiable costs, we advocate for a quick settlement of major claims on behalf of clients. As your point of contact, we actively stay in touch with the insurer and always keep the responsible parties at our clients informed of the current settlement status of the major claim.