Company pension schemes

Company pension schemes

Protecting your employees

The company pension scheme is an important part of retirement planning, and has become an important component of employee compensation due to the statutory legal right to deferred compensation. For this reason, good planning and management of the pension is absolutely necessary.

Already when establishing a pension plan, the individual components should meet the current requirements, while simultaneously being designed as forward-looking as possible.


Regular review

After the pension plan has been established, however, changes regularly arise, particularly in the field of company pension schemes, due to new case law and legislative changes, even for pension plans that have already been in place for many years. Changes in economic and fiscal conditions can also trigger a corresponding need for adjustment. It is therefore advisable to regularly review commitments and adapt them if necessary.


Practical implementation

Just as important as the design of the pension is the practical implementation at the enterprise. It only becomes clear at this point how user-friendly and efficient a pension plan actually is in daily practice, particularly for human resources and payroll departments.


AVW offers solutions

Employer’s risk difficult to calculate

As a much needed supplement to the statutory pension scheme, we provide companies with all recognized methods of implementing company pensions, and accompany the projects from planning to implementation.

Our activities in relation to company pension schemes are bundled in the rente21 association. The association rente21 e.V. is an initiative by main institutions in the housing and real estate industry.

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