Company benefits schemes


Protecting your employees

Company employee benefits (such as pensions and health benefits etc.) are becoming increasingly relevant in the current “battle for the best brains” in the housing and real estate industry. Often mere trivialities become important for applicants when it comes to choosing one employer over another.

A well-designed and implemented company benefits scheme offers your company a gilt-edged opportunity to stand out amongst the competition as an attractive employer. Not only can you attract new talent, but you can also foster strong allegiance amongst your employees, with high levels of motivation to boot.


AVW offers solutions

Despite this, company benefits schemes represent an extremely complex and broad topic where in addition to insurance aspects, it also touches on issues such as data protection, works council operations, processing and IT, etc. This is often hard to accomplish for human resources/personnel departments due to their lacking capacity and knowledge in this area.

With our new FORUM company benefits scheme, we can now offer a global solution for your company pension scheme that is precision tailored towards both your company and your employees.

Click here to go to the FORUM company benefits scheme with all the important information about it.

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