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We want you to stay up to date. To ensure that you are always informed about the status of your contracts, we hold regular quarterly and annual meetings with our clients upon request. We will inform you of current loss ratios, premium development, market changes and other relevant topics. Changes in the risk situation are also discussed in this context. This creates transparency for everyone.

Martin Gehrke
Customer advisor

Schutz für Sie und das Unternehmen

Durch unsere Spezialprodukte zur Managerhaftung bieten wir Ihrem Unternehmen und Ihnen als Manager Schutz und die notwendigen Lösungen im Schadenfall. Profitieren Sie von unseren Spezialkenntnissen.

Julia Bestmann
Ass. jur., Fachbereich HUK / Financial Lines

Claims commitment

Implementation of efficient and transparent business processes mean success. Precisely to this end, we have developed a software solution that precisely coordinates the various requirements of housing companies and insurers.

Nicole Wenzlaff
IT Claims Management

Safety through AVW-risk analysis

A comprehensive analysis ensures an optimal overview of your overall risk situation. To this end, we use our AVW risk analysis especially developed for the real estate industry, which covers all insurance-relevant aspects. In this way, you are always on the safe side. On this basis, we regularly check your insurance coverage and adapt it to changing risk and market conditions.

Goetz Friedhoff
Customer advisor

On the side of our customers

We won't leave you alone! As the leading independent insurance broker in the real estate industry, we will advocate on your behalf in the event of a claim. We will review any reduction of the insurer and will work towards a maximum settlement. We will obtain the best result for you – that's our promise of Quality.

Stefan Schenzel
Team leader claims management and consulting

Competent partner

As an insurance broker, we assist housing companies and residential building cooperatives as well as condominium managers as a competent partner. We have known your industry for more than 40 years and are able to assess and evaluate all corporate and real estate risks.

Rainer Freudendahl
Department WEG / Gewerbe

Individual solutions

Our know-how enables us to find individual solutions for you. You will get precisely the insurance cover required by your company, your clientele or your employees. To protect your employees, we offer enterprises all methods of implementing company health insurance.

Sven Körner
Company benefits schemes

Tailored collection of premiums

We develop individual solutions for the specific needs of your settlement method, because AVW carries out the collection of premiums itself and provides you with clear premium invoices.

Thomas Bludau
Customer advisor

All-round service

We rely on a comprehensive service concept instead of partial solutions. This is the only way we can account for all insurance-relevant issues. This includes an individual coverage concept as well as a concept for claims settlement and the collection of premiums. Our advice on the topic of loss prevention helps you to reduce risk or to avoid it altogether.

Dirk Barkmann
Customer advisor

Best conditions

Around 1.5 million residential and commercial units insured guarantee our strong negotiating position in the market. You can rely on being optimally insured. We keep our eye on the insurance market for you and work together with the 80 most important insurers. We will always provide you with quotes from several insurance companies. This ensures the best terms.

Dirk Gehrmann
Holder of general power of attorney, Head of Portfolio management


We consistently align our quality to our clients' needs. We regularly review our procedures and processes with the goal to avoid mistakes and to constantly improve the quality of our Service.

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Jennifer Oberhach
Holder of general power of attorney, Head of business processes and quality management

Claims commitment

In complex claims, we provide competent advice and support and relieve you even when it comes to difficult technical or legal issues. Our claims consulting will strongly advocate for your interests. Learn more about AVW claims Consulting.

Wolf-Rüdiger Senk
Holder of general power of attorney, insurance law

Self-conception of an honorable merchant

AVW as insurance broker is the advocate of client interests. Our values are based on the self-conception of an honorable merchant: Rock-solid, tradition-conscious, committed to transparency, fairness and truth.

Hartmut Rösler
Managing Director AVW Group